Push. Talk. Now. | Explore straight-forward Push-to-Talk solutions for business. Why limit airtime? Get the Unlimited AirSupply™ plan for only $40 per month.

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Make a call in under a second and stay in touch – all without costly cell service or private radio systems. Our Calgary based Push-to-Talk services and Motorola iDEN technology are revolutionizing industries such as Construction and Oil & Gas. Our selection of rugged phones are optimized for outdoor use, and our affordable plans can connect your staff in an instant. From one-to-one communication to your own private network, we can cover your scalable communications needs.

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All the best features of 2-way radio, handsets and messaging – with lower costs. Let us customize a secure solution for your business. Learn More

Churp™ | Push-to-Talk

((( Just Churp Me )))

Airtel’s 2-way private digital service for local businesses.


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Find an affordable plan that meets your communication needs.

  • Unlimited AirSupply™
  • AirSupply 500™
  • AirSupply 100™
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Connect with one employee or a group, enable PC Push-to-Talk conversion, or set up your own secure network.

  • Churp™ - Push-to-Talk digital service
  • AirSecure™ - Remote Cellular Networks
  • AirControl™ - Churp™ from any PC
  • AirTrac™ - Real-time GPS tracking
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Important notice regarding the use of 9-1-1 calling:

Airtel Wireless communication system provides customers with the ability to call 9-1-1 in an emergency. This service will NOT automatically let the 911 operator know the callers number or location, the caller MUST vocally report that information to the operator.